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Our Programs

Who doesn't love food? It's fun to make; it's fun to eat; it's fun to That's right! There is much science that goes into the everyday foods that you love. At TCGC, our students' problem-solving capabilities come to life through Chemistry in cooking, learning how baking ingredients work, how and why certain elements mix well together, and why people's tastes differ.

Our Culinary Arts program is a fundamental and holistic approach to building soft skills, pre-exposure to high school career technical programs, and workforce readiness.


Social Support

The TCGC social garden is made of coaching, mentoring, and interactive sessions that include: identity, image, positive friendships, decision making, goal setting, handling transitions, smart social media usage, leadership, and more!

  • We build character and confidence

  • Make new friends and form sisterhoods

  • Learn problem-solving skills

  • Learn new social skills and positive ways to deal with negative interactions among peers

  • Build and enhance leadership skills


Digital Technology Training

With this initiative, our goal is to promote digital literacy opportunities for those in need. For many young girls attending Title 1 schools tutorial services are needed to provide competencies for advancement in the public school system. Those without access to computers and the internet fall significantly behind their schoolmates and haven’t the opportunity to catch up. This creates diminished self-confidence and a reduced interest in achieving academic excellence.


Experimental Outings

Hands-on experiments and service-learning projects are some of our favorite ways to model and engage girls. Our belief is girls and young women are resources and learn best by engaging and supporting community-based initiatives through programs, experiences, mentorship, retreats, and workshops.



Our TCGC Camps are the place to be for girls to enjoy and learn in an atmosphere that nurtures their ambition, social skills, and confidence. We offer STEM activities, project-based learning, experimental outings, and best of all FUN! Girls will participate in an enhanced STEAM curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities throughout the Summer.

Spaces are limited.

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